Troubleshooting auto super registrations and payments

Xero notifies the authoriser and subscriber by email if there is a failure during auto super registration or in a batch payment.

Registration failures

Unknown or employer not found

If you receive an error message during registration such as 'Unknown Employer', 'Employer not found' or 'ABN not active/valid', the employer ABN is either invalid or inactive in the ABR (Australian Business Registry).

Check your ABN in organisation settings and update if necessary before retrying your registration.

Issues approving payments

Unauthorised user

This means the email address you're using to log in and confirm payment by SMS is not the email address set up as the authoriser in Xero.

If you have multiple email addresses set up, try logging in using another email address. If you're not the registered authoriser, contact the person whose email has been set up and ask them to login to enter the SMS code.

SMS not yet received

It can take up to 24 hours for an SMS to process, depending on the carrier you use and your network connection. To check which mobile number is set up to receive the SMS, go to Payroll settings, select the Automatic superannuation tab and update the mobile if necessary before retrying registration.

Payment batch failures

If a payment batch fails, the reason displays in Xero as an error message under the superannuation batch. Xero also notifies the authoriser and subscriber by email.

Email is invalid or not recorded

Although Email Address is an optional field when setting up employees, if you're using auto super it is a requirement. If an employee doesn't have an email address, the entire batch will not upload. It's important every employee has one set up.

  1. Go to the Payroll menu, select Employees.
  2. Select the employee and click on the Details tab.
  3. Enter an email in the Email Address field.

    If this employee doesn't have a personal email address, you may like to use an office email address.

Employee's membership details need to be updated

  1. Update your employee super membership information to reallocate any unpaid accruals.

    Please do not add a new super line for the employee.

  2. After you have updated the required details, you can resubmit your payment batch in Xero.

Direct debit failed

Your direct debit may fail if the:

  • Nominated bank account is not setup for direct debit purposes
  • Organisation has changed bank accounts
  • Bank account is invalid or has insufficient funds

Check the banking details and update your bank account as needed.

Only the auto super authoriser or subscriber can update bank details for auto super payments.

Resubmit your updated payment batch in Xero.

Credit fail and payment returns

Xero will send an email to the subscriber and authoriser if there is a credit fail or payment return. The email will contain details of the fund and the reason why the payment returned.

Update your account and resubmit your payment batch in Xero.

No reason given for error

If no reason is given for a payment return, please contact the super fund directly.