Request leave in My Payroll

Request paid or unpaid leave through My Payroll, the employee self-service portal.

These instructions are for employees. Go to submit an employee's leave request if you’re a Payroll Admin.

  1. In the Payroll menu, select My Payroll.

    If you have no Payroll menu, you only have access to My Payroll, and you’re already there!

  2. Click the Leave tab.
  3. Click New Leave Request.
  4. Fill in all details:
    • Type of Request – Select the leave type.
    • Description – Add short text. This isn't included on your payslip.
    • Approver – Select one or more people to approve your request.
    • Start Date and End Date – Select the first and last days of your leave.
    • Hours – Edit the hours if needed, for example, if you are requesting a part day.
  5. Click Request.