Reverse processed leave

If you want to reverse leave recently processed in a pay run, you can submit a leave request with a negative amount, and process this in an unscheduled pay run.

You can only reverse leave that’s been processed within the last 8 pay periods. Any further back than that and you’ll have to adjust an employee’s leave balances.

Step 1: Submit a negative leave request

Submit an employee's leave request, with the following details:

  • Start Date and End Date of the original incorrect leave.
  • Pay Period/Hours of leave to reverse. For example, -7.6.

Step 2: Process a pay run

Run an unscheduled pay run that includes the date of the leave you are reversing. You may also need to:

  • Make sure you clear their usual pay if you’ve set up a pay template for the employee.
  • To offset the reversal, you’ll need to add the same hours back at your preferred rate, for example, ordinary earnings of 7.6.