Submit an employee's leave request

If you have Payroll Admin access, create and approve a leave request for an employee for inclusion in a pay run. This might be for any leave type you have already set up including sick, annual and long service leave. You must process all leave through this request workflow, so accruals correctly balance.

Only Payroll Admins can submit leave requests for employees. If you’re an authorised employee, you'll request leave using My Payroll.

Before you start

  • Set up an employee’s leave to include accrual rates and any opening balances they might have for leave such as Annual or Sick leave.
  • Assign a holiday group to your employee so their leave isn’t reduced when there is a public holiday during their leave period.
  • Add leave loading to employees who are eligible to receive it while taking leave.

Submit a leave request

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Leave.
  2. Click New Leave Request.
  3. Select the employee.
  4. Complete all fields including:
    • Employee – Select the employee taking leave
    • Type of Request – Select the leave type, for example Sick or Annual Leave. The balance for this leave type adjusts when you process payroll for the period
    • Description – Add short text. This isn't included on the employee’s payslip
    • Start Date and End Date – Select the first and last days of the employee’s leave
    • Pay Period/Hours – Check the number of hours are correct and edit if needed. This is the number of hours subtracted from the leave type’s balance when payroll is processed for the period.

      The number of hours in a leave request for employees on a monthly pay calendar is calculated by dividing the number of business days in a calendar month by the number you have entered in the Hours in a Monthly Pay Period field.

      This will mean the number of leave hours in a request may change, according to the calendar month. You can manually adjust the leave hours to reflect a working day, as per your business requirements.

  5. Click Approve.

Approved leave requests for future leave, will appear in the matching future pay run. Leave requests for past pay periods will appear in the next pay run.

The balance shown in the employee's Leave tab reduces each time you approve a leave request. Your employees will only see leave balances on their payslips for completed leave that's included in a pay run (and if you've selected the checkbox to show balances in their payslip).