Process final pay for a termination

When an employee leaves, set their termination date and then pay them their final pay including any unused leave.

Only gross wages and lump sum items can be included in the final pay. Pay ETP's and complete a payment summary manually.

Before you start

Before processing a normal termination, make sure you:

Process a normal termination in the final pay

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Pay Runs.
  2. Select the relevant draft pay run.
  3. Click the employee's name.
  4. Click Set as Final Pay at the bottom of the payslip.
  5. Select the last day of their employment as the termination date, and click OK.

    Termination date must be before the end of the current pay period.

  6. Select Normal Termination.
  7. Select the last full pay period with the employee's normal gross earnings, or manually enter the average earnings amount if the employee works irregular hours.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Review the employee's payslip, including:
  10. Process the pay run.

When the pay run is posted, the termination date automatically applies to the employee.

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