Manually adjust an employee’s leave

You can change an employee's leave balance manually if you need to make corrections or changes.

How you adjust leave will depend on when the leave was taken:

  • If the leave was taken fewer than 8 pay periods ago, you can edit the leave balance in the employee’s payslip. This ensures there is a record of the changes made.
  • If the leave was taken more than 8 pay periods ago, you’ll have to make the adjustment directly to the employee’s leave balances. However, there is no history of this change.

Adjust an employee’s leave balance in their payslip

  1. Create a new draft pay run. This could be when you normally process a pay run or you can run an unscheduled pay.
  2. Before you post the pay run, click the employee's name to open their payslip.
  3. Scroll down to the leave section and click Add Leave Line.
  4. Choose the Leave Type, then click OK.
  5. In the Hours field, enter the negative amount of leave to adjust the balance. For example, -7.6.
  6. Save and post the pay run.

Edit an employee’s leave balances

You can make a manual adjustment to an employee’s leave balance at any time.

  1. Under Leave Balances, click current balance of the leave type.

    Leave balances

  2. Scroll down to Opening Balance, and enter the amended leave balance.
  3. Click Save.