Payment summary lodgment issues

If you can't lodge your annual payment summary report to the ATO, you need to investigate the reason, fix the issue, then submit the file again.

The password is invalid

The message The password is invalid for this credential store refers to the AUSkey password. Check that the password is valid for the AUSkey you are using.

The rejected payment summaries shows the status Rejected by ATO

We (Xero) will send an email advising of the problem to the user who lodged the report.

There was a problem communicating with the ATO

The message There was a problem communicating with the ATO indicates that the ATO reporting software was not working at the time. You'll need to resubmit the file to the ATO.

You're not authorised to lodge the payment summary report

The message You are not authorised to access/lodge for the given Reporting Party indicates that you may not have permission to lodge this particular report with your AUSkey. Please contact your AUSkey administrator.

Invalid Tax File Numbers or incomplete/ invalid addresses and other issues

For all other issues including invalid Tax File Numbers and incomplete or invalid addresses, you'll need to identify and fix the payment summary error.