View account transactions

View account transactions that you've entered into a bank account in Xero. You may have entered these transactions in Xero as they happened, or later during bank reconciliation.

View list of account transactions

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
  2. Find the bank account you want to view, then click on the account name.

You can click column headings to sort the list of account transactions by:

Description column

To help find a type of account transaction you've entered, you can use the Description column.

Transaction typeDescription column displays
  • Spend and receive money
  • Bank fee adjustments entered during bank reconciliation
Contact name
  • Payments recorded on invoices and bills
  • Payments recorded on expense claims
  • Refunds of credit notes
  • Refunds of overpayments and prepayments
Payment: Contact name
  • Transfers between bank accounts
Bank Transfer
  • Overpayments
Overpayment: Contact name
  • Prepayments
Prepayment: Contact name
  • Overpayments applied to invoices or bills
  • Prepayments applied to invoices or bills
  • Batch payments (that contain multiple bills)
  • Batch deposits (that contain multiple invoices)
Payment: multiple items
Reconciliation adjustment

To view the details of an individual account transaction, click its description to open it.

Balance column

The Balance column displays a running balance that includes all reconciled transactions, as well as unreconciled Spend Money and Receive Money transactions. A greyed out balance indicates a future dated transaction.

The running balance only shows when the page is sorted by date.

Bank Transaction Source column

The Bank Transaction Source column displays how your bank statement lines came into Xero. This information is only available for reconciled account transactions.

Bank Transaction Source columnSource type
Bank Feed
    Direct or Yodlee bank feed
    OFX, QIF or CSV bank statement file import