Stripe ACH Bank Transfer

Add Stripe ACH as a payment service so your customers can pay online invoices using internet banking. Stripe ACH is only available to US organisations for invoices raised in USD. When your customer selects “Pay with bank transfer” on the online invoice, account details unique to the invoice are displayed. Your customer can use this information to make a payment through a bank or financial institution.

Add Stripe ACH as a payment service

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Under Connect, click Payment Services.
  3. Click Add Payment Service, then select Stripe ACH Credit Transfer.
  4. Enter a name to display in Xero.
  5. Select the bank account to deposit the payment in.
  6. Under Fees Account, select the same fees account you used when you added Stripe as a payment service in Xero. Otherwise, select Add account, check the Stripe fees expense account details that Xero has entered, and click Save.
  7. Click Connect to Stripe.

    Image of 'Add Stripe ACH bank transfers' modal.

Apply to a branding theme

  1. On the Payment Services screen, click Manage Themes.
  2. Under Bank Transfer, select the ACH payment service. You can also select a credit card or PayPal service you've already set up.
  3. Click Save.


Reconcile your Stripe ACH payments as you would any other Stripe payment.

Reconcile your Stripe payments

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