PayPal multi-currency payments in Xero

If your Xero plan includes multi-currency, you can process PayPal payments in multiple currencies. You'll need to update your settings in PayPal, then set up separate bank accounts, branding themes and payment services for each currency in Xero.

Before you start

Log in to PayPal and update your account settings:

  • Choose all the currencies that you'll accept payment in.
  • Select the checkbox to automatically accept payments in other currencies.

Contact PayPal if you need help updating these settings.

Set up Xero to accept PayPal payments in multiple currencies

  1. Add the foreign currencies you'll accept payment in
  2. Add a bank account and set up a PayPal feed for each currency
  3. Set up a branding theme for each currency
  4. Set up PayPal as a payment service for each currency, then apply it to the relevant branding theme

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