Set up Authorize.Net as a payment service in Xero

Accept online payments for your invoices using Authorize.Net. To set this up, add Authorize.Net as a payment service, then apply to a branding theme.

Before setting up Authorize.Net in Xero, go to your Authorize.Net account and add to your response/receipt URL list.

How do I add or delete Relay or Response URLs? (Authorize.Net website)

Add Authorize.Net as a payment service

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Under Connect, click Payment Services.
  3. Click Add Payment Service.
  4. Select Authorize.Net.
  5. Complete the fields.
  6. Click Save.

Apply to a branding theme

  1. On the Payment Services screen, click Manage Themes.
  2. Select this payment service as credit card service. You can also select a PayPal service you've already set up.
  3. Click Save.

Payment service fields explained


Enter a name as you'd like it to appear in Xero. If using multiple currencies, include the currency in the name for each Authorize account you set up in Xero.

API Login ID

Enter the API Login ID for your Authorize.Net account.

How do I obtain my API Login ID and Transaction Key? (Authorize.Net website)

Transaction Key

Enter the Transaction Key for your Authorize.Net account.

How do I obtain my API Login ID and Transaction Key? (Authorize.Net website)

MD5 Hash

Enter the MD5 Hash for your Authorize.Net account. It must have no more than 20 characters.

What is the MD5 Hash Security feature, and how does it work? (Authorize.Net website)

Credit card logos to appear on your invoice

Select the credit card logos to display on your invoice. The logos that can be displayed will depend on your merchant provider. VISA and MasterCard have been selected for you by default.


If you've enabled the multi-currency option, select the currency to be used with this Authorize.Net account. The currency you select must match the currency for your organisation or bank account.

Each Authorize.Net account in Xero can support a single currency. To use Authorize.Net for another currency, set up another account in Payment Services.

When sending an invoice, you must select the same currency as the one selected for the Authorize.Net account applied to the branding theme.

What is my base currency?

Payment account

Select the bank account to deposit the payment in.