Delete a payment service

Delete a payment service from Xero if you no longer want your customers to use it to pay you.

About deleting a payment service

  • Deleting a payment service removes it from any branding themes you've applied it to.
  • Deleting a payment service (other than PayPal) also removes the payment link from online invoices for any invoices using those branding themes.

Deleting a payment service from Xero

  1. Go to Settings, then click General Settings.
  2. Under Connect, select Payment Services.
  3. Find the payment service you want to edit. Click Edit, then select Remove.

    Image of the Active Payment Services and Edit > Service details.

  4. Click Remove.
Even if you delete PayPal, customers can still pay you through PayPal using the link on PDF invoices they've already received. Email updated invoices if you want these customers to pay you using a different payment service.