Remove a payment recorded on an invoice or bill

Use Remove & Redo to remove a payment from an invoice or bill and delete the account transaction.

  1. Find and open your paid or partly paid invoice or bill. You can use Xero Search if you know the contact's name, invoice or bill amount, or transaction number.
  2. Click Payment.

    Image showing payment link.

  3. Click Options, then select Remove & Redo.

    The Remove & Redo action isn't reversible. If this is done in error, the transaction will need to be entered again.

    Image showing the Options button and Remove & Redo.

If your invoice or bill was fully paid, it'll move back to the Awaiting Payment tab. If the payment transaction had been reconciled, the bank statement line will return to the reconcile tab of the bank account and you'll need to reconcile the bank statement line again.

If an invoice or bill is paid using a non-bank account that you've enabled payments to, such as owners funds or drawings, you can use Remove & Redo to delete the payment transaction in the same way.

You can also delete a payment transaction from the Account Transactions tab of the bank account.

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