Cancel a trial subscription

How to cancel a trial subscription and what the effects are when you cancel it. You must be the subscriber for your organisation to cancel it.

  1. Click on your My Xero, and select the trial's name that you wish to cancel.
  2. Select the Settings menu, then click Subscription.
  3. From the Options button, select Cancel Subscription.

    Image of the subscription options with 'Transfer subscription' selected.

  4. Click Confirm cancellation.
  5. Select your reason for cancelling, then click Send feedback.

Effects of cancelling a trial subscription

Once you've cancelled your trial subscription you won't be able to access that organisation, so we recommend you export your data out of Xero first.

You can still log into Xero to use the demo organisation, or add a new organisation. Contact Xero Support if you'd like us to delete your Xero login as well.