Transfer to a Metro Bank direct feed

If you get Metro Bank account transactions imported into Xero through a Yodlee bank feed, follow these steps to transfer to a direct feed. There is a £1.00 fee (exc VAT) charged for each bank account each month.

  1. Check your account types are eligible for a direct feed.
  2. How to set up the direct feed depends on the type of online banking you use:

    If you're a business customer using standard internet banking you can set up your direct feed online. The direct feed should start in 2 working days.

    If you're a business customer using Business Online Plus or Commercial Online Banking, apply by application form. The direct feed should start 4 working days after Metro Bank receives your application form.

Xero will automatically disconnect the Yodlee feed before the direct feed starts.

When the direct feed starts, check that you don't have any missing or duplicate transactions. If you do, manually import the missing transactions or delete the duplicate transactions.