Metro Bank direct feeds

Get bank account transactions from Metro Bank sent into Xero every weekday. To apply, add your accounts in Xero, check your account types are eligible, and apply either through Metro Bank internet banking or by application form.

What you need to know

If there have been no new transactions in your bank account since Metro Bank sent your last statement, they will not send an empty statement into your Xero organisation. You’ll receive a new statement when they processes a new transaction.

Add your bank account in Xero before you apply

Add your account number in Xero before you apply. Make sure you select Metro Bank (UK) - Direct Feed from the Find your bank search box.

Your account number in Xero must match the account number in your online banking. Your direct feed won't start if the account number doesn't match.

Once you've entered your account number in Xero, Select GBP - British Pound regardless of the currency type. Metro Bank converts the amounts to GBP (based on the current exchange rate) before importing the transactions.

Add your bank account in Xero

Adding an account for a credit card feed? Select Everyday as your account type (when adding accounts the Bank Accounts screen).

Set up your feed online

If you are a business customer using standard internet banking you can set up your direct feed online.

  1. Log in to Metro Bank internet banking
  2. Choose your profile, then click View my accounts.
  3. Click Details & Preferences, then click Change your Details & Preferences.
  4. Click Xero Direct Bank Feeds Preferences, read the information about direct feeds, then click Continue.
  5. Select the accounts that you would like direct feeds for, then click Continue.
  6. Read the terms and conditions, then select the checkbox to confirm that you've read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Direct Bank Feeds.
  7. Enter your Xero details, then click Continue. These details must be an exact match. We recommend you copy and paste your Xero organisation name and email address into Metro Bank internet banking.

    To see your email address, click on your name on the top right corner of Xero, then click Account. Your organisation name is located on the top left corner of any Xero screen:

    Image showing the location of your Xero organisation name.

  8. Check that all the accounts you would like a direct feed for are showing on the confirmation page, then click Save Changes.

Apply by application form

If you are a business customer using Business Online Plus or Commercial Online Banking you can download and complete an application form.

Set up your Metro Bank direct feeds by application form