Void or archive multiple journals

Depending on your user role, void multiple posted journals in bulk or archive ones that you don't need to see. Voided journals can't be restored but can be copied.

Voided journals are reversed from the general ledger on the date of their original posting. If you want to change the reversal date, you'll need to reverse each journal separately.

You'll need to have the Standard + All Reports, Adviser or Read Only user role to access manual journals.

  1. Depending on your role:
    • Adviser user role, on the Adviser menu select Manual Journals.
    • Any other role, in the Reports menu select All Reports, under Accounting click Journal Report, then click Manual Journals.
  2. Click the Posted tab.
  3. Select the checkboxes of the journals you want to void or archive.
  4. Click Void or Archive.
  5. Click OK.

Any auto-reversals associated with the original journal are also voided, even if they're unselected.

The journals show on the Voided or Archive tabs depending on your choice. If you're voiding, the original journals and their reversals show on your Journal Report, and as separate lines your history and notes.