How invoice reminders work

Find out when invoice reminders are sent, what happens with customer replies, and what happens if you turn them off or change a due date.

If you have the Adviser or Standard user role, you can set up and turn on invoice reminders for your organisation. Once they're turned on, Xero's default reminders are sent at 7, 14 and 21 days after each invoice due date (overdue).

Reminders are sent to the primary contact and any additional people that have the Include in emails option ticked in the contact record.

Any customer replies go to the login email of the person that first turns reminders on. You can edit this address.

What you can do with reminders

Once you've set up invoice reminders, you can:

  • Edit or delete any reminder including the defaults. For example, increase 7-day reminders to 10 days overdue, set reminders to go out before the invoices are due, or add payment details to reminder email message.
  • Add up to five new reminders
  • Turn reminders off and back on for your organisation

    If reminders are off or the invoice isn't marked as sent and a 7-day reminder is missed, changing the due date to the future won't generate a catch-up reminder. Xero will however generate upcoming reminders based on the new due date.

  • Stop reminders going out to certain customers or for specific invoices. For example, for a partly paid invoice or one you've already spoken to your customer about.

Turning reminders on & off

Xero sends reminders every day between 4am and 8am, based on your organisation's time zone.

The time that you turn reminders off and on affects when they go out.

Time turned on/off

Turn on before 4am

The day's reminders go out that same day.

Turn on after 8am

The day's reminders go out the following morning.

Turn off between 4-8am, then turn on later

The day's reminders are not sent and they don't 'catch up'. Even if you change the invoice due date. The next day's reminders go out as usual.

For example, if you have a reminder going out at 7 days overdue but you turn reminders off when an invoice is 6 days overdue. If you turn reminders on when that invoice is 8 days overdue, Xero doesn’t send the 7-day reminder. The 14 and 21 reminders go out as usual.