Edit or delete items in inventory

You can edit your inventory items, and delete them in some cases. If your items are tracked, there are restrictions on changes you can make to them.

The changes you can make to an item depend on whether the item is untracked or tracked.

If you want to change a tracked item's quantity on hand or value, you'll need to make an inventory adjustments instead.

To get to the inventory list, go to Accounts, then select Inventory.

What you need to know about editing inventory items

  • If you change the item code, the change will flow through to existing transactions, quotes and purchase orders using that inventory item.
  • Changes or additions to any other fields will only affect future transactions, quotes and purchase orders using that inventory item.
  • Repeating transaction templates that use the inventory item you edit aren't updated. After you've made your changes to the item, open the repeating transaction template and reselect the inventory item to pull through the new details.
  • You can convert an untracked item to a tracked item.
  • For tracked items, you cannot deselect I purchase this item or I sell this item.
  • You can only change a tracked item to an untracked item in some situations.

Editing an inventory item

To edit an inventory item:

  1. Go to Accounts, then Inventory.

  2. Click anywhere on the line of the item you want to edit.

    Image showing untracked item selected.

  3. Click Edit item.

  4. Make changes or additions to any part of the item, then click Save.

    Image showing untracked item being edited.

Delete an inventory item

Select the checkbox next to the inventory items you want to delete, then click Delete.

Image showing inventory item selected with Delete button being clicked.

What you need to know about deleting inventory items

You can't delete a tracked inventory item if:

  • It's been used on an approved invoice or approved bill.

  • It's been used in a spend money or receive money transaction.

  • You've added an opening balance to it.

  • You've made an adjustment to it.

You can't delete items used on repeating bills or invoices. Remove the item from the repeating invoice or bill, then delete the item.

Once you've deleted an item, it will no longer display on the inventory list. You won't be able to select this item when you're adding or editing a transaction, quote or purchase order.

Xero will remove the item code for the deleted item from any:

  • Spend money or receive money transactions you edit.

  • Approved bills, invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and accepted quotes you edit.

  • Bills, invoices, credit notes, quotes or purchase orders that use this item and have a draft or awaiting approval or sent status.