Transferring to a Heritage Bank credit card direct feed

If you already have a credit card account for Heritage Bank in Xero, you can set up a new bank account to get a direct feed.

  1. Add a new bank account in Xero, select Everyday as your account type.

    Use your Master Account when setting up the direct feed. This account provides balances for all credit cards linked to the account.

  2. Download the application form (PDF, 94KB) and send it to Xero.
  3. In the old bank account, reconcile statement lines up until the date your direct feed started.
  4. Delete any duplicate statement lines that have also been imported in the new bank account with the direct feed.
  5. The old bank account must have a $0.00 balance before you close the account. If your account has a negative balance, transfer the outstanding amount from your new bank account to your old bank account. Your new account may now show a negative balance.
  6. Mark the transfer as reconciled.
  7. Archive the bank account.

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