Undo the disposal of an asset

If you've disposed of an asset but need to reinstate it, you can undo the disposal. You need to have the Adviser user role to do this in Xero. You can undo the disposal of a pooled asset in certain circumstances.

Before you undo the disposal

  • If you dispose of an asset after you turned on tax reporting, but the disposal date is before your tax reporting start date, undoing the disposal will revert the asset's tax values to those set at the time of disposal.
  • If you dispose of an asset before you turn on tax reporting, then undo the disposal after you turn on tax reporting, the asset's Tax Depreciation Method will be set to No Depreciation. If you want to use tax reporting for the asset, you'll need to edit the asset to set a depreciation method for it.
  • You can't undo the disposal of a pooled asset if it means Xero has to recalculate pool depreciation for more than one year. If you've depreciated the pool for more than one year after the disposal date, roll back depreciation before undoing the disposal.

Undo the disposal

  1. On the Accounts menu, click Fixed Assets.
  2. Click the Sold & Disposed tab.
  3. Click the asset number to open the asset details.
  4. Click Undo Disposal.
  5. Click Undo to confirm.