Set a default foreign currency for a contact

If you have a Business pricing plan with multi-currency, add a default foreign currency to a contact's details to apply to your transactions with them.

About your contacts and default foreign currencies

  • The default foreign currency applies to all invoices, bills, quotes, and purchase orders for the contact.
  • Default foreign currencies don't control any sales tax that might be applied in those currencies.
  • You can override a default foreign currency on individual transactions.
  • You can't import and export the default foreign currency for your contacts.

Set a default currency for a contact

  1. In the Contacts menu, select All Contacts.
  2. Click the name of the contact you want.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Under Financial Details, in the Currency field:
    • If the currency you want is listed, select it.
    • If the currency isn't listed, click Add Currency, select the currency you want then click Add Currency.
  5. Click Save.