View exchange rate or conversion rate

Here's how to view an exchange rate for a date or transaction in Xero. You can also view the current conversion rate for unpaid transactions and see the currency conversion rates in Xero reports.

View exchange rate for a date

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Under Features, click Currencies.
  3. Select a date.

    Image showing foreign currencies that have been added in your Xero organisation, with the exchange rates for a date.

If a user in your organisation has edited the exchange rate on that date, the user name, date and time will be shown in the notes column.

View the exchange rate on a transaction

You can view the exchange rate on any invoice, quote, purchase order, bill, or spend or receive money you've entered.

Find the transaction you'd like to view. The exchange rate that was used when the transaction was created is displayed next to the currency.

Image showing the exchange rate on an invoice.

View today's exchange rate

You can view today's exchange rate and current conversion total by clicking or hovering over the foreign currency code.

Foreign currency codes display in unpaid transactions, in unpaid or pending transaction lists, in the chart of accounts, and in the contacts screens.

Image showing the link that displays the live exchange rate in an unpaid bill.

View conversion rate in a report

When a foreign currency has been converted into your base currency, a footnote displays next to the figure. Click on the footnote to see the exchange rate at the time of the conversion.

Image showing the foreign currency footnotes in the Bank Reconciliation Summary report.

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