View a contact's activity and notes

View outstanding balances and all activity related to a contact including invoices, bills, transactions, changes to contact details, and notes. You can also add a note or save an email to a contact's activity stream.

Outstanding balances and activity

Image showing outstanding balances and activity.

Once you've approved invoices or bills for a contact, you'll see any outstanding balances and information on the items awaiting payment. You'll also see open quotes, and purchase orders and expense claims awaiting payment.

Balances owed take into account any credit notes, payments or part payments already made. Prepayments and overpayments aren't included in this amount.

Click the View recent invoices report to go to the Accounts Receivable Invoices report. Click the View recent bills report to go to the Accounts Payable Invoices report.

Accounts Receivable Invoices report

Accounts Payable Invoices report

Payment bar graph

Image showing payment activity graph.

The payment bar graph shows all payment activity for a contact, including spend money and receive money transactions, in the month the payment was made.

Activity tab

Image showing activity tab.

Invoices, bills, quotes, purchase orders, and expense claims

The activity record for an invoice, bill, quote, purchase order, or expense claim includes the amount, action taken, item number, and the due date or activity date.

To view or copy an item, click the arrow next to the record and select View or Copy. You can also view an item by clicking on the item number.

Spend or receive money transactions

Image showing a transaction in the activity tab.

The activity record for a spend or receive money transaction includes the amount, type, transaction date, and transaction name. To view the transaction, click the arrow next to the record and select View, or click on the transaction name.

User activity

The following user activity is displayed with a user name and timestamp:

Widescreen view

The screen is responsive, so you can expand it to view additional columns if you have a wider screen. Columns include account number, reference, date, activity date, amount due, and total.

Image showing responsive screen.

Notes tab

The notes tab displays all notes for a contact.

Image showing notes tab.