Release notes: updates to Xero on 20 April 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

Find and recode multiple transaction lines

Find and recode multiple transaction lines at once. Edit accounts, tax rates, contacts and tracking. Recode individual transactions or create a manual journal.

As recoding can result in significant changes to accounts and reports, only use Find & Recode if you're an accountant or bookkeeper, or have experience recoding.

Find & Recode

Default tax settings for sales and purchases

Set default tax settings (exclusive, inclusive or no tax) for your organisation's sales or purchases. You can also set these defaults on individual contacts — perfect if you sell to both wholesale and retail customers.

Set a tax default for sales or purchases

More bank transaction references displayed

We’re displaying more bank transaction references on the Accounts Transactions page and in Bank Reconciliation Find & Match. We've also updated Account Transactions so that the width of the columns will get bigger based upon the size of your browser.

Statement balance placeholder added to email templates

We've added a new email placeholder that makes it much easier to let your customers know how much they owe you.

Email a customer statement

Send multiple statements - ability to deselect some

If you've selected to send many statements at once, you can easily deselect some, rather than starting from scratch.

Address finder added to cheques, quotes and purchase orders (US)

Cheques, quotes and purchase orders now all have the address quick-find that returns verified addresses.