Release notes: updates to Xero on 4 February 2016

Here's a summary of what we've released:

Timesheets (NZ, UK)

Payment service improvements

Timesheets (NZ, UK)

We’ve released employee timesheets for all payroll users in New Zealand and the UK!

Timesheets let you record the number of hours worked for each day within a pay period. They're are a great timesaver for administrators. And it’s easy for your staff to create their own.

Approved timesheets are then passed on to administrators for payroll processing.

Payroll administrators

You can manage your employees' timesheets as needed for each pay run:

  • Create and approve timesheets at the same time.

  • Approve all timesheets for each pay run before processing the pay.

  • View all timesheets for each pay calendar to see their status and details. You can also view them by status. For example, timesheets not yet submitted or that you’ve declined.

  • Edit employee timesheets before processing a pay run.

  • Add a layer of reporting by tracking employee hours.


Employees with access to My Payroll (the employee portal) can enter their own hours into timesheets and submit them for approval. They can also edit timesheets that haven't yet been approved.

Payment services improvements

We've made it even easier to set up and accept online payments:

  • Easier access to online payment options - access payment services directly from an approved invoice.

  • More payment options on online invoices - accept up to two different payment methods on an online invoice (PayPal and credit/debit).

  • Simplified setup (US, AU, UK, and Canada) - if you don't have an online payment gateway, Xero can help you create and connect a new Stripe account with one click.

    Sign up for Stripe and add it as a payment service on the approved invoice screen

Payment services

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