Xero subscriptions and billing

We charge a subscription fee for each paid organisation you have set up. An invoice is emailed to you at the end of each monthly billing period, starting from the date that you added your paid organisation. Only the subscriber can update the billing information or payment details for your organisation.

  • The subscriber is responsible for ensuring that your monthly subscription is paid. Your organisation has one subscriber – they may have set up your organisation or had the role transferred to them.
  • Each organisation is attached to a billing account that holds the billing information and payment details for your Xero subscription.
  • Each month the subscriber will be emailed an invoice for each billing account. Xero subscription invoices aren't stored in Xero, unless you add them as a bill.
  • If your organisation has a question about your subscription, the subscriber must contact us from their subscription email address. We can only discuss payments or any other subscription queries with the subscriber.