Troubleshooting for batch payments

If you're getting errors when trying to upload a batch payment file to your bank, there are a couple of things you can check before contacting your bank.

Check your bank account details

To check the bank account details for your organisation:

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
  2. Find the bank account you want.
  3. Click Manage Account, then select Edit Account Details.
  4. Check the following:
    • Your Bank – make sure the correct bank has been selected from the list displayed (not just typed in).
    • DE User ID – ask your bank if they require a direct entry user ID. It is sometimes referred to as an APCA number.
    • Include self-balancing transaction in the ABA file – ask your bank if this option is required. If unsure, select this option.
  5. Edit the details if required and click Save.

After making these changes, re-export the batch file and try uploading to your bank again.

Check the batch payment details

To check the batch payment details for each supplier:

  1. Find your batch payment.
  2. Click on the batch to open.
  3. Click Options, then select Edit Batch.
  4. Check that the following fields have information in them:
    • Details – this is what appears on your bank statement.

    • Bank Account – the supplier’s bank account. The BSB number should be entered first, followed by the account number.

    • Details – this is what appears on the supplier’s bank statement.

      Batch payment troubleshooting, fields to check.

  5. Check that the Payment Date is not in the past. If you're exporting the file and uploading it at another time, set this to a future date.
  6. Enter in any missing details and click Save.
  7. Re-export the batch file and try uploading to your bank again.

Check the extension of the file you are importing

The file extension of the file you import into your bank must be .aba (Australian Banking Association file). Sometimes, when the file is opened instead of saved, the file extension changes to .txt or .aba.txt, which will cause an error. If this happens, rename the file and make the extension .aba before uploading to your bank.

Once you've downloaded the batch payment file, there should be no need to open it. Simply save to your computer and upload into your online banking from there.

Contact your bank if you're still having trouble uploading the file

If you are still having trouble uploading a batch file to your bank and receive an error message, please contact your bank and confirm:

  • What the error message means. Once you know this, you can fix the details in Xero and re-export the file.
  • Your bank account is set up to accept batch payment files.
  • Whether the DE User ID is required and correct for your Xero organisation display name.

    Organisation Settings

  • The bank account details in Xero are correct.

If you still get errors, click Contact Xero Support at the end of this page and let us know details of the error message you're receiving.

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