Find multiple transactions and reconcile them with a matching statement line

Here's how to find multiple invoices, bills or account transactions entered in Xero and reconcile them with a single bank statement line. The sum of the invoices, bills or transactions must match the amount of the statement line you're reconciling.

To find multiple transactions and reconcile them with a matching statement line:

  1. In the Reconcile tab, next to the bank statement line you want to reconcile, click Find & Match.

    Image of the Find & Match link on the bank rec screen.

  2. Find the transactions and select the checkboxes next to them. Here are some tips to help you find the transactions:

    • Change the transaction order by clicking any column heading.

    • Search by name, invoice number or amount, reference or cheque number.

    • You can search multiple invoice numbers or references at once. Use the vertical bar (pipe) character ( | ) to divide each search item, eg INV-123|INV-124.

    • You can find transactions entered for money you've both spent and received, by selecting the checkbox Show Received Items or Show Spent Items.

      Animated gif showing selection of Show Received Items tickbox.

  3. Click OK to reconcile.

    Image of the bank rec Find & selecting multiple transactions to match one invoice and reconciling.