Reconcile a statement line with a transaction suggested by a bank rule

If Xero can't make an auto-match, but can match the conditions of a bank rule you've set up, Xero suggests a transaction. You can use the suggested transaction to match against your bank statement line, or you can discard the suggestion and choose another way to reconcile the statement line. You can also manually apply a bank rule when you are cash coding.

Accept a matched transaction

If you're satisfied with the transaction that the bank rule has suggested, click OK to accept the match and reconcile.

Image showing bank rule applied.

Otherwise, you can click View details to check the details of the transaction and update it if you need to. You may also need to do this if your bank rule is set up for you to enter some details during reconciliation.

For a multi-currency transfer, click View details and select a foreign currency bank, then enter the exchange rate.

Choose from other possible matches

If the transaction suggested by the rule is not right, you can click Don't apply rule, discard the suggested transaction, and choose one of the following:

To re-apply the bank rule and create the suggested transaction again, click Apply rule.

Apply a rule while cash coding

If you can access the Cash Coding tab of your bank account screen, you can also manually apply spend money and receive money bank rules to help you reconcile your cash transactions.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the statement lines you want to apply a bank rule to.
  2. Click Apply rule.

    Image showing apply bank rule selected.

  3. Select the bank rule you want to apply from the list.

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