Add a client organisation to your practice

As Principal, you can add new Partner Edition organisations and set them up in Xero. You can also let your practice staff do this, by giving them access to the practice's Partner Edition billing account.

Add a client organisation

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. Click New organisation.

  3. Enter the organisation name and select the country. The organisation's country will default to the country associated with your login when you signed up to Xero and will determine the currency displayed.

  4. Choose one of the following:

  5. Complete the setup of the client's organisation. If you like you can proceed as far as the Invite Users step and invite someone else to complete it.

  6. Invite users into your organisation.

Anyone with Practice Administrator access will be added to the organisation as a user automatically. For client organisations with payroll, the person who adds the organisation will have Payroll Admin access by default.

Clients on Business Edition billing accounts

If you set up clients on Business Edition pricing plans, you are responsible for the billing account.

If you prefer your clients to pay their own subscriptions, ask them to sign up to Xero (if they don't already have a Xero email login), add their organisation and billing account. They can then invite you into the organisation with the Adviser user role.

If you have set up clients on Business Edition billing accounts and maintained separate billing accounts for each client, you can transfer the subscription to your client.

While you can choose any country for the organisation, be aware that Partner Edition plans do not have access to use multi-currency organisations. You will always be able to choose a Business plan.