Export your invoices and bills

Export invoices or bills, credit notes, prepayments, and overpayments to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

What you can export

  • Your user role determines what you can export, if you can’t see the detail in Xero, you can't export it.
  • You can't export repeating invoice or bill template or payroll bills.

Export invoices or bills to a CSV file

Export invoices or bills by their status ie Draft, Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment or Paid. To export all invoices or bills, select Seeall.

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Sales or Purchases.

  2. Select the invoice or bill tab you want to export from.
  3. (Optional) Add search criteria to filter the transactions you export.
  4. The export includes all invoices or bills (up to a maximum of 500) by default. If have more than 500 items to export, add a search to filter them into groups.
  5. Click Export.

Xero downloads a CSV file containing the invoices or bills to your computer.

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