Dispute over access to Xero

If there's a dispute over access to your Xero organisation, we suggest you refer to the terms of the agreement between you and the other party involved and Xero's Terms of Use.

Any access rights depend on whether you are a Subscriber or an invited user as defined in the Xero Terms of Use (Xero website):

  • The Subscriber determines what level of access an invited user has to the subscription.
  • If you're an invited user, your Subscriber controls access to the Xero subscription. You'll need to contact the Subscriber or a user who has Manage Users permission if you'd like to have access to a subscription, or to have increased access to a subscription.

If you require a Xero subscription to be transferred, you'll need to contact the Subscriber about the transfer request.

If a Subscriber doesn't consent to a subscription transfer request, you'll need to resolve the matter directly with the Subscriber. If you're unable to do so, you may need to use a dispute resolution mechanism (such as mediation or arbitration), or seek the assistance of the courts. Alternatively, if a Subscriber is a member of a professional body, this body may be able to assist with the resolution of the dispute.

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