Cancel a Xero subscription

If you're the Subscriber for a Xero organization, you can cancel the subscription while in My Xero. Please note there’s a one month cancelation notice period, where you’ll be billed up until the end of the notice period. You can still use Xero as normal during the notice period to make sure everything’s in order before your subscription ends.

To cancel a Xero subscription:

  1. Click on your My Xero, and select the organization’s name that you wish to cancel.
  2. Under the Settings menu, click Subscription.
  3. Click Manage Subscription.
  4. From the Options button, select Cancel Subscription.
  5. Image of cancelling subscription from under Options button

  6. Click Confirm cancelation.
  7. Select the reason for canceling, then click Send feedback.

Your subscription will have a pending cancelation status for one month, for example if you cancel your subscription on 4 July 2017, the notice period will end on 4 August 2017.

You can stop the cancelation process anytime during the notice period by clicking the Info link in My Xero, then selecting Stop Cancelation.

Effects of canceling a subscription

We'll send you a final invoice covering the notice period. If you have other subscriptions on the same billing account, we'll include the final charges for the canceled subscription on your next subscription invoice.

If you have other subscriptions on the same billing account, we'll continue to bill you for these, on the same cycle.

When you cancel a subscription, we archive your organization's data. However, we recommend you export any data you want to retain access to before the end of the notice period.

Once your subscription is canceled, you can still login to Xero to use the demo organization, or add an organization.

Contact Xero Support if you'd like us to delete your Xero login as well. Canceling your login removes your access to Xero, including all organizations where you are a user. You also won't be able to reactivate your account. You will still be able to view online invoices sent to you from other organizations in Xero.

If you want to reactivate your subscription or to get access to your organization's data again, contact Xero Support.