If you have a trial organization or a Business Edition pricing plan with multi-currency, you can send invoices, quotes and purchase orders, or receive bills and payments in over 160 currencies. You can also set up foreign currency bank accounts and run reports to keep track of currency movements.

About multi-currency

  • You'll need to start a Business Edition pricing plan with multi-currency, or a trial organization, to add transactions in different currencies. Only the Subscriber for your organization can change pricing plans.
  • You can add as many currencies as you need but you can't delete currencies once you've added them.
  • Exchange rates from update in Xero every hour. The official rate of the day (or mid-market rate) is the final rate at midnight. The time zone you choose in your organization's financial settings determines when midnight occurs.
  • Exchange rate calculations in Xero are rounded to 6 numbers including decimal places. Variances can occur if 7 or more digits have been used in exchange rate calculations.
  • Currency movements display on your transactions and in reports, so you can always see how changes affect your organization's cashflow.
  • Your base currency is your default currency in Xero. Most reports use this currency.