Contact Xero Support while you're using Xero

Learn how to contact Xero Support while you're using Xero.

Things to check before contacting Xero Support

If you're having technical issues, try these suggestions to see if they help:

Contact Xero Support in Xero

  1. Click the Help icon.

    Practice users or users from a practice organization can click Contact Xero Support straight from the Help icon.

    Image showing drop down help menu.

  2. Search the Xero Help Center to see if you can answer your question.
  3. If you've used the Help search box but not found the answer you need, click Contact Xero Support.

    Image of the Contact Xero Support button at the bottom of the search results.

  4. Describe your issue in detail. You can add up to 3 attachments to your support request.
  5. Click Send Support Request.

Contact Xero Support from the Help Center

If you've searched in the Help Center but not found the information you need, click the Contact Xero Support button. It's located at the bottom of each page.

Image showing contact xero support button.