Add, edit or delete a bank or credit card account

Set up, make changes to, and delete or archive bank accounts and credit card accounts in Xero.

Your user role will determine if you have access to add or edit bank accounts.
Bank transactions role comparison

Video taking you through how to import and manage credit card activity in Xero.

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Manage a business credit card

Add Bank Account button circled showing on the Bank Accounts screen accessible from the Accounts drop-down menu.

Add bank acct

Add bank account button

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Add a bank account or credit card account

Add a bank account from any tab on the Chart of Accounts screen during set up:

Add bank acct

Add bank account button

From Settings > Chart of Accounts:

Add bank account

From Accounts > Bank Accounts:

Add Bank Account button on the Bank Accounts screen under Accounts.

If you don’t have any bank accounts set up yet, you can add an account via the Add Bank Account button on the Dashboard:

Dashboard add bank account button

Bank accounts can also be added to Xero if you import a Chart of Accounts containing bank accounts.

Next: select the account type (bank account or credit card) and complete bank details

Create or edit a bank account or credit card account

Select type of account

Add Bank Account button and drop-down menu.

For more on using foreign currency accounts in Xero see our multi-currency banking help.

Use the arrow on the Add Bank Account button to select the type of account from the drop-down list:
  • Bank Account
  • Credit Card

Add bank account button drop-down from arrow showing options Bank Account, Credit Card and PayPal.

Select your bank or credit card account

User has started typing the beginning of their bank's name and the choice narrows to a selection of different bank accounts starting with those three letters.

The Your Bank field is compulsory. Start typing the name of your bank account or credit card account, or part of it, to bring up a list of all banks that contain the characters you've entered. If your bank's name appears on the list, ensure that it matches your full bank account or credit card name, and if applicable, states the correct region for your bank account. It also should be the correct account type (e.g. business bank account).

If you can't find the account you are looking for, ensure you selected the correct type of account (bank or credit card), as each has a different list available (e.g. credit card accounts will only be available in the Add Credit Card window). If the name of your bank or account does not appear on the list, you can still type the name in and continue to set up the account.

You can set up a different account type as a bank account, such as a stock agent's account. A bank feed will not be available but you can import transactions or enter them manually.

If you select an account from the list, it is important to select the correct exact name as it will allow us to notify you if bank feeds are available for that account, through Xero's partner bank feeds or through Yodlee, now or in the future.

Many accounts have regions indicated in their names, so be sure to pick the right region for your bank account, if applicable. One way to narrow the list if you have a lot to choose from is to try the initials of your country or state (e.g. 'NZ') (e.g. 'UK') (e.g. 'AU').


Bank feeds

Find out if bank feeds are available

You will get 1 of 3 messages once you've entered your bank name:

  • Bank feeds are available: You can receive Yodlee feeds or Partner bank feeds from this bank.

    Bank feeds are available.

  • Feeds aren't available yet: If you set this bank name for your bank account, we will notify you when your feeds become available.

    Feeds for this bank aren't available yet.

  • Not a recognised bank: If bank feeds are not available for your bank, you can still use this bank account in Xero and manually import statements from your bank.

    [Name of bank] is not a recognised bank with an available feed...

    Message showing a bank is not recognized as having an available feed

Note: If you have activated a Yodlee feed, you will not be able to edit your bank name until you deactivate the feed.

Enter account details

Account Name

Enter the name you want to use to identify this account in Xero.

Add account name (name you wish to see in Xero).

Code (Chart of Accounts only)

If you add or edit a bank account via the Chart of Accounts screen, you will also have an optional Code field. Read more about the Code field on the Chart of Accounts help page.

Bank Account Number

Enter the actual account number of the operating account you have. If you are going to import bank statements into this account manually or have a bank feed through a partner bank, this is used in matching the Xero account with your bank account correctly during the reconciliation process.

  • Enter your bank account number - the format you use will be the format that is displayed in Xero. No automatic formatting will occur so be sure to use the correct formatting so your partner bank feeds or online bank statement can be imported correctly (no more than 20 characters).
  • Enter your bank account number - use whatever format your account number or card has and this format will display in Xero (no more than 20 characters).
  • Bank number

  • Enter your BSB and account number. Your BSB number is the first 6 digits of your bank account number. Xero will automatically format the BSB number by putting a hyphen in the middle as you type the digits, e.g. '123-456'.
  • add bank account number into the fields provided

  • Enter your sort code and account number. Your sort code is the first 6 digits of your bank account number. Xero will automatically format the sort code by putting hyphens after the 2nd and 4th numbers as you type the digits, e.g. '12-34-56'.
  • Enter sort code separately to the account number.

  • Bank accounts (regardless of their type) are displayed on the Dashboard and in the Bank Accounts section in numerical order based on the account number (i.e. the first number of the account number sequence - for credit cards this is the first of the visible 4 digits), but you can change this from the main Bank Account section.
  • If Xero has a relationship with your bank (i.e. your bank is one of our partner banks) then the bank logo may display on the dashboard. This is based on your bank account prefix.
DE user ID

Use this field to enter your direct entry user ID if you are making batch payments and your bank requires it.

  • The DE user ID shows only when both your organisation's country and your bank account (not credit card) is Australian.
  • Your DE user ID is not compulsory, but if you enter one it must be numeric and up to 6 characters long.
  • Tick the box 'Include self-balancing transaction in the aba file' if you use batch payments and your bank requires an extra line in the file to represent the total debit from your account.
Credit Card Number

If you are setting up a credit card account just enter the last four digits of the card into this field. For security reasons Xero does not store your full credit card number. The number you enter will be displayed on the dashboard as xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1234 (e.g. if the last four digits of your credit card are 1234).

Credit account


Save button.

Cancel button.


Create or update the account using the details entered.


Exit this screen without saving any of the changes entered.

Note: You can move the bank account to display further up the list or remove it from the Dashboard if you wish.

Edit bank account

Manage Account button

If you edit an existing bank account, the changes will display throughout Xero wherever this bank account is listed or displayed, including the Chart of Accounts and financial reports.

Edit the account at any time from the Dashboard or in Accounts > Bank Accounts using the Manage Account menu for that account and selecting 'Edit Account Details'.

Edit Account Details link shows on the Manage Account menu.

Edit a bank account in the Chart of Accounts by clicking on the bank account name.

Edit bank

bank - coa edit account.png

Edit bank

Edit bank acct

Edit bank account

If you have been using Xero a while and already have transactions entered against a bank account, any changes to the account will be applied to those transactions.

See the help above for information on each of the fields in the Edit Bank Account Details screen, under Add an account.

Edit Account Details link at the bottom of the Manage Account menu.

Points to note about editing bank accounts:

  • Depending on your bank, region, and the type of account, you may also be able to set up bank feeds for your account.
  • If you have activated a Yodlee feed, you will not be able to edit your bank name until you deactivate the feed.
  • If you edit the account number of an existing bank account you will need to make sure that you import a bank statement that matches this new account number.
  • If you have changed your account number at the bank, you'll need to set up a feed for the account.
  • If your bank account or credit card was created automatically when you imported your Chart of Accounts and you didn't enter a bank account number and left it as 0's or similar, you will need to update the number to match the number of your online bank statement so that you can import your online bank transactions.
Adding account name to a bank account we couldn't identify

You may have a 'Get Bank Feeds' button against a bank account we couldn't identify:

Image showing Dashboard with bank account not identified and Activate Bank Feeds button.

If this is the case, when you select Get Bank Feeds you can update your bank name to see whether bank feeds are available to you.

Image showing the process of selecting a bank name when Xero doesn't have or couldn't recognise the bank account to match it to a bank name.

Help and tips on selecting the 'Your bank' field
Messages: find out if bank feeds are available
Set up your bank feed

Delete or archive

Delete or archive bank accounts from the Chart of Accounts

Bank accounts need to be deleted or archived from the Chart of Accounts because of journals that may exist for the account. Once you've created payments or transactions in the bank account you won't be able to delete it: you will need to archive it instead.

If you make a mistake adding bank accounts to the Chart of Accounts during set up, you can delete them.

Archiving versus deleting accounts